Help me and my family/friends to a better life

by Jason (Newcastle Australia)

Dear lord,

I know I have let you and others down in the past but I’ve always been a believer in your greatness and I come to you in my desperate time of need. Yo know father that I have lost my job and family, am deep in debt and I am so depressed that I just can’t exist any more. You are my only hope father.

I am asking you to grant me the miracle of winning tonight’s oz lotto on the 6/5/14. It’s a lot of money but it would allow me to build a good house on my block of land and provide for my son and new partner. I promise I will help my ex wife and her 2 sons. Plus my immediate family and some close friends.

I’m in hell lord. Please bless me and all the people I love and respect. Please grant me this miracle so I can move back to my hometown and be the person that I’ve always wanted to be. I’ve struggled with problems all my life and I want to put it all behind me and have a happy life and providing for my son and 2stepsons.

Lord Jesus please help me. I’m asking you with all I’ve got left. I want my life back. I’m sorry for all my mistakes in the past and I promise I will be the best man that I can be.
Amen father.

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