Help me and Charity

by P Nagy ()

In 2000, I met James who’s 1 of my best friends. In 2007, he introduced me to a beautiful girl with a great personality named Charity. She became close to me quickly, I told James about it and he told me not to get with her, I respected his wishes. Despite that, she kept hanging out with me at my house for a year and was in love with me. After that 1st year, she accepted I won’t date her. She too is 1 of my best friends. We kept going to parties together and saw each other frequently till 2013, after which I stopped hanging out with her, not because we no longer were friends, but because I was distracted by other friendships. In Sept. /20, I went almost daily to a bar for a month and was trying to date another girl that was beautiful and had a great personality. Due to covid, they shut down the bars in mid-Oct. If that didn’t happen, I’m sure we would’ve dated. We grew further apart, but she’s now a friend. She also knew a guy named James who knew her before me that she had flings with, but she showed me she wanted to date me. When we grew further apart, I realized there was a strong similarity between that girl and Charity, only the 2 of them compared to other girls had such good chemistry with me. The 2 stories involved guy’s named James who met them before me. The 2 girls are blondes, and the same height. Maybe GOD sent me to that girl to remind me of Charity. She remained doing flings with my good friend James till July /20 when he started dating a new girl who he’s now in love with. I kept telling him to date Charity officially and marry her. He didn’t listen. She called me in July about a week before James officially was dating the new girl. She had so much excitement in her voice, obviously interested in me. I thought she was still having flings with James, I showed disinterest, but still was respectful since she’s 1 of my best friends. In mid-Oct., after realizing similarities between the 2, I gained new interest in Charity, also due to that July phone call, and since James was with someone else. I started texting her again. I got drunk 1 night, then called her, she didn’t pick up, I texted that I was disappointed, she asked why, I explained, talking of the past. I shouldn’t have done that. Regardless, we hung out a week later at a small party. Our mutual girl friend seemed to have gotten between us. She grew a little further from me. If I didn’t drunk text her that 1 night, I’m sure we’d be dating. We had such good chemistry. I’m sure we’d marry if we dated. I bet she’ll be interested in me again in a few months from now due to our history. I’d rather it be sooner. Pray for GOD to help us reconnect in the soon future.

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