Help me and Charity

by Phil ()

I sent 3 requests; prayer helped. Me & Charity have love, been good friends 14 y/’s. A good friend intro’ed us. She loved me for the 1st 3 years. He asked me not to date her. They stopped having flings Jul./20. She also has an autistic son who’s 5 from another guy who abused her & she’s not with. We hanged out a lot years ago, & on occasion thru y/’s. In Oct./20, I showed new interest, she wasn’t interested. We didn’t talk thru Nov.-Jan. We’ve talked pretty frequently since, & hanged out a few times. Things went wrong in her life, her mom kicked her & her son out, they live in an abused women’s shelter downtown while I’m at the east end of our city. We talked a lot lately till recently, were going to meet 3 weeks ago, but I had poison ivy. After that was gone, we talked kind of frequently, but a little less. 12 days ago, she called & asked me to bring her alcohol, I was distracted by a friend, & our call wasn’t long. While a little drunk, I thought of it, I don’t know why, but then, I felt she may have tried to use me to send alcohol. I’m not stupid, but that was stupid, she’s been my friend 14 y/’s & has respect. She didn’t say she wanted me to hang out when bringing alcohol. In hindsight, obviously that was her goal. I should’ve known by default & should’ve mentioned it during the call. While erroneously thinking she was trying to use me, I texted her saying that. She didn’t like how her wanting to hang out didn’t click in my mind & instead I made that stupid assumption. Since then, we’ve barely talked. She has new friends at her shelter who’re bad influences. Despite these things, I’m definite she’s strongly in love with me, that’s why, among other things, we’ve talked a lot, hanged out, & she wanted me to come hang out recently. We have a lot in common, have been good friends 14 y/’s, & are both really smart & good looking. Pray we start to have frequent back & forth convo’s again soon, we hang out soon, we start hanging out frequently, & we start dating soon. I’m sure we’ll marry 1 day.

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