Help me and Charity

by Phil ()

I’ve sent a couple prayer requests about this, your prayers have helped, thank you. What I didn’t know when I sent those requests & have recently discovered is due to my psycho brother. He has 2 personalities & has no morals. This is about me & Charity. She’s liked me for 15 years, we didn’t date due to a good friend who took her 1st, but that’s over. The moment my bro began to see that she likes me, he chose to like her too. He decided about 3 or 4 years ago to dislike me for different reasons. His advantage is he drives, & I don’t, & he has mutual friends between us, so he saw her more lately, & once he chose he likes her too, when he saw her behind my back he’s said manipulative things & lies about me to her behind my back. He basically admitted to me with other words that he had done that. He almost succeeded in getting her. He brought her to my house & I stopped it from happening. She still does like me but is pretty confused due to his manipulative attempts. I’m honest & non-manipulative. I just saw evidence that he’s manipulated her through himself as well as a friend that doesn’t like me that he influences. Please pray to God that my brother’s attempts at manipulation of her from now on fail miserably & that she commits to hanging out with just me & her again, & that she completely disregards him from now on, & that me & her do start dating soon. I know if we date, we’ll end up marrying 1 day. Thanks a lot for the prayers. Praise be the Lord!

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