Help keep faith of God for my partner

Bruce has became sober after years of heart ache. Evil keeps attacking him Even by my own history of doubting love or trusting him, due to his past. Family or job situations seem to abuse his goodness especially when he attempts to be true and loving to me. I want peace and wisdom to flow through his body, with his tongue annointed with his belief in God and with Jesus blood and the holy spirit always flowing and clearing his mind to be the man he can be. Protect him from attacks or fools…bringing distinct wisdom and clarity to every situation to him!

I do love him dearly, I forgive him and truly give him to God that he heals and makes efforts to do correct for each he interacts with, not accepting fear or mistreatment by anyone to accept love and respect. Thank you-AB (praying his committal to me is in God’s word, with truth and honesty for his life especially to help heal and rebuild relationships)