Help in time of need

by Clifford (England)

My girlfriend has been facing abuse from her mother at home for a number of years this resulting in suicide attempts and self harm, lately this has gotten worse and she is regularly being beaten up and called abusive names as her mother suffers from depression yet drinks and smokes weed, she is doing this because she doesn’t want us together and is causing us to break up (my girl-friend is from a non Christian household). As all the family that my girlfriend has is under one roof it’s hard for her as she feels like her mom will turn everyone against her and she wiLl be left with nothing, I’m asking for change in the situation as this is testing our faith and we are both struggling. Also prayer for her mother to be delivered from depression and change her outlook on our relationship. I’m asking as we know nothing is impossible to God but it’s getting difficult to pray and find ourselves crying ourselves to sleep at night due to bring forced to let each other go, we are letting God fight our battle.

i also pray for salvation for the household as this will bring healing.