help in taking the right decisions and finding the answer.

by Nadine (Quebec City)

Dear God, I ask you to please help me save our home. I know that things can get difficult at times but this is worst than all. Please give me or help me find the solution to take on the mortgage of the house. Since dad died it has been all so complicated and please don’t let this anxiety take over. I feel as if it is eating me from inside and it stops me from advancing. Please heal the anxiety that hurts so deep that i am scared and can’t think right.Please God help me pull through this difficult period of my life. Dad left too soon. Please God take dad in your kingdom and save his soul. Please protect innocent people from the hungry wolves in this world. Thank you for loving me and showing me the way. Help me see the answers that i am asking to receive.Thank you God. Even if i am struggling very much to protect my family’s security i know that i am still blessed comparing to several other human beings. Thank you for everything. You are the infinit love of every positif thing in the world. I love you.

P.S. I would really like to win a big amount so that i couls rent a lear jet and fill it with goodies and medecin to go and do humanitary help for the needy.Thank you.

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