Help in passing exams

by Shirley Donia (Caribbean)

Dear Lord Jehovah,

I really need your help today. I first ask for the forgiveness of my sins, especially those I committed against you lord in Jesus’s name . I also want to thank you Jehovah for every thing that I do have today and all the goals you have helped me achieve thus far,the life that you have given to me , the day to day counsel you have provided especially when I wanted to give up on life and the challenges I endured.
Father once more I come to you again , asking for a miracle . Please father help me pass the exam I wrote in June and please help me pass the final exam I am about to write in December. this soul some peace oh lord. You told David that you will not let his foot be moved. Please father answer my prayer favorably and please do not allow me to stumble nor fall.

This I ask lord Jehovah in Jesus” name , my intercessor.

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