Help, Hope, Healing, Harmony, Happiness, Comfort

by Phuoc Vo & Nhung Nguyen ()

Lord Jesus. Please forgive me for who I am and how I am. Please continue to help me to heal me and cure me. Cleanse me of anything that has been and can defiled my heart mind and soul. Please rid me of any evils sins impurity immorality and darknesses. Help me to always remember and have you as first and foremost most important in my life. Help me to resist sins and temptations. Help me to wake up everyday refresh and strong and healthy and ready to walk my walk of faith with you Christ. Please put in my neighbors heart the love the mercy the clarity and compassion to understand my situation and my life and find in theirs heart the right motive love and compassion to understand and forgive me. Please protect them all from ways that are not from You Lord, and send them divine spirit and protection over theirs life theirs ways of life theirs thoughts theirs emotion and action and charity. Please give them a heart of peace and love and compassion. Please grant them also the faith and longing that I have for you Lord. Please leads and guide us all not into temptations and sins but into the righteousness love and charities in ours hearts that are of You and from You O Lord Jesus Christ. And lead us all into Your Heavenly Kingdom where ours Father God reign and at His merciful throne. Please protect all my family members and keeps them all safe and let them live in peace and harmony rejoicing in Your love and truth. Please turn my ways away from sins and temptations and continue to help me in my journey and my walk of faith in Jesus Christ. Please heal and cleanse me of any past hurt and pain. Please help me to restore and recover and redeem my life from all that’s been lost and stolen by the enemies and his scheme, plotting and tactics. Please blessed and heal and come to help assist and relief those who are and have been lost and confused, lonely and depressed, sick and dying, rebellious and sinful, prideful and arrogance, greedy and selfish, ambitious and self ego, hopeless and despair. Lord I know that You care. Please show us how much You care and have always been there for us all. I pray in Your powerful, Holy, righteous and mighty Name, Jesus Christ ours Lord, God, Redeemer, and savior. May ours salvation be shown and granted in and through Your Name and Your precious blood. Amen.

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