help him get out of jail.

by Josephine (Cape Coral Fl)

Dear St Jude, you are my patron St. and I believe in the miracles that you

have done. My grandson is in jail and he is awaiting his sentence on Wed.
March 11. he is a good person, but in got mixed up in the wrong crowd.
He wouldnt turn anyone in and took all the blame.Please St Jude let them set him free on Wednesday.I pray this,for him his whole life seems like he has
been in prison from the day he was born,he was in an orphanage from when he was born, and he was in a crib until he was 15 months old, not he is a man and he is behind different kind of bars. Please help him see the wrong he has done, and let him come home to us and become a better person
Look with kindness and mercy for my grandson. You are known for all the miracles that you have performed, give him another change,St Jude ask
our Lord for the help we need for his freedom.
Thank you in Jesus name Amen.

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