Help heal a broken relationship

by Megan (United States)

Dear Lord, my relationship with my boyfriend has been broken. We have went through a rocky spell. We both care and love each other deeply but his faith in me has fallen. Lord, I pray that you please find it in his heart to forgive me of my sins and bad behavior. Lord, I pray that he has the strength to put his guard down and allow me another chance.

Lord, I pray for a second chance to prove that I am worthy of his love, that I can love him unconditionally and that we can build a everlasting love through you. Lord, we have talked about marriage and talked about kids. Before our last fight, we were on the right track to following down that path. Lord I know you know he’s the one for me. I know this is a obstacle in my journey. Lord, I am fighting to get back up, to fight the fight and prove I can be the loving girlfiriend that he so desires.

Lord, build back up the love in our hearts for each other. Help us come back together in harmony. Teach us to strengthen our relationship back to a time when things were great.

Lord, I can only ask that you rekindle mine and Ryan’s relationship and walk with me through this journey as we build our love and spend the rest of our lives together.

I ask that others join me in praying.

In your name, I pray. Amen

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