Help God! Save my Lover and business

by OV (Delhi, India)

Dear God,

I love you!
I had a dream of TV, film production.And a dream of marriage with my girl friend. She gave up her job, was criticized by others to leave me, she wanted to become an actress. I tried twice to produce two projects with her leading roles. They couldnt be come live.
She was given one year only to try with my firm to be get successful in this line or start with otherwise her family will marry her with other guy. Now 1.3 year has passed but no project yet come in market. Now she is pressure and I am too. Panick has come to me and to her. I have lost capital too in business expanses and two pilot projects. I have trying my best to get Rs. 1000000 to pay debt and produce a DVD movie with her so that her family can permit to work more and relax her from pressure of marriage to other guy.

Dear God, I have two pressures panickly 1. To pay off Rs. 600000 to debt and to produce a DVD movie in rest 400000 to stop her from marrying other guy. I can produce in 4 lakh surely.

Dear God! help me, its emergency/! I have only 10 days to pay money and to produce project. It will change everything, I am confirmed. She can be confident enough to stop her family’s pressure too.

Dear God! Help me otherwise I will have to repent all my life to waste her time 1.3 year and couldn’t be able to prove my result to her and she lost her acting dream as well as I lost her as my life partner.

Dear God! help arrange for me Rs. 1000000.

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