Help from evil people’s snare

by Poppy ()

There is a situation with a neighbor and the postal carrier which developed last year before I went on a trip. The neighbor uses my online accounts, internet, e-mail, fax machine, etc . The neighbor’s debit card was charged and refunded right away for a couple of items ordered for the trip. I had requested they be taken off of the account and the company had not done it. I was able to eventually able to remove him of the account with a supervisor’s help. The neighbor often doesn’t answer his door so I couldn’t talk to him before I left.
A month after I returned from the trip, a friend sent a manuscript which did not arrive through the postal service, then another which never arrived, other packages had come on the interim. For years I’d re-delivered 2 neighbors mail and packages, and them mine, usually on weekends or when the regular carrier wasn’t working, I’d asked a non-regular postal carrier if they knew about the manuscripts and if they could please be more careful with the mail as another neighbor who is mostly blind had been walking around with my health insurance card and they’d delivered my passport to the neighbor who uses my accounts.
The trip tems ordered were sent to the neighbor’s address which adjoins my house as a mother-in-law suite. I re-ordered them in case the neighbor took them in and did not bring them over before I left. I put up a couple of signs directing them to my door which I know the neighbor noticed. He was aware that the online company had made an error a month before but I caught it within minutes and his card was not charged.
While I was away the neighbor yelled at an employee of mine, the regular postal worker who delivered the packages and told everyone in the neighborhood I was using his card without his consent. Meanwhile to me he welcomed me back from the trip and when I asked him what happened with my employee he said he was afraid they might be taking his mail and got on my computer, then bought things on my account which he was using, He told me he got money back for all of the items which I’d helped him research and he bought through the account ‘since they are big bucks and he isn’t’. Most of them were recharged to my bank account and I’ve been getting out of the red for close to a year now. I’ve been a friend to this neighbor for years even though I know he is mentally unbalanced, beaten down by life and has a strange sense of justice due to his actions and choices. I’ve taken him to surgeries, watched his pets, helped him clean his place, shopped for him, brought in his mail and packages, picked up his relatives from the airport, etc. – basically treating him like a brother over 8 years. I’ve learned not to accept any favors from him as I become an indentured servant to pay him back. He demonstrated great anger when I drew the line at having him bring over his laundry – I knew from the moment I met him I didn’t want him having a key to my house and that he had problems respecting boundaries.
The regular postal carrier came and pounded on my door a couple of days after I asked about the manuscripts. She told me if I didn’t like how she delivered my mail to get a P.O. Box, which is 40 mi. RT.
She said the neighbor said I’d been buying things with his card unauthorized and that it wasn’t true that the mail is delivered to the wrong boxes and houses. I told her handfuls of their mail is delivered to me and vs versa every week, including my passport and health card, she continued what amounted to a tantrum and I finally had to tell her that was enough and shut the door.
Since then I’ve not received packages and have to drive 60 miles RT to the main post office to get them. I called USPS and sent 2 online forms detailing the situation but they refuse to contact me or remedy the situation. I’ve prayed about it and what I get is ‘do nothing’. I recently read a book which mentioned something about not putting into motion what should remain still using biblical references. I’d been having packages sent to a friend’s house when I watch their pets or an employee picks them up in town. The postal carrier continues to be obstinate and wouldn’t take the slip back to the post office, the slips say there is ‘no safe place to leave packages’ or ‘neighborhood theft’, she treats me with contempt. Consumer Affairs had no luck getting the local postmaster to call me back after weeks of working on a case to help me. The office is breaking USPS rules by delivering mail and not packages, and delivering packages to neighbors and not me.
Recently I drove to pick up some packages and prayed before I went in, thinking I would ‘do nothing’ though found myself having to talk to the manager because the rep. only gave me one package when I had 4 slips (one was a 2nd notice). After an hour I was told to go to yet another post office to get the missing items. I wound up telling him about the ongoing issue even though I intended not to. The manager said he’d have to have the Inspector General look into the situation.
One kind postal carrier delivered packages last week but told me to not let anyone know she did it.
Several neighbors have acted differently toward me due to the neighbor talking about me to them, including visiting relatives that I’d become friends with.
I am ganged up upon and feel like I’ve done the wrong thing by talking to the postal manager. I need prayer for protection from evil and for Jesus to turn around the situation. I’ve asked for forgiveness for any portion of this which is mine and am trying to forgive those against me and give them the benefit of the doubt – i.e., the neighbor upset the regular postal carrier who seemed to know the correct boxes and houses. I am praying not to fall into the trap of evil and making wrong choices in effort to gain fair treatment or defend my name. I’ve not contacted the Inspector General or Postmaster General because I think many people could lose their jobs which is not what I’m after. I truly do not know what to do. I live far from town and rarely drive so the ability to receive packages is a way of life here.
I humbly accept and appreciate prayers for protection of Jesus, the Holy Spirit, Heavenly Father and host of angels.
Thank you.

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