Help from Depression and Suicidal Thoughts

Oh Lord,

I have prayed to you and your saints many times…As I am again now in this time of difficulty. The depression is back, alongside the suicidal thoughts, worthlessness, inability to move and confusion.
Deign to grant me the strength not to commit suicide, to move forward and for y struggles to pass with least hurt.
Thank you Lord!

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  1. in need

    I been battling with depression for a while now! the suicidal thought are becoming stronger, I am reaching out for help I know that god is real in that he does things on his time, but I am not sure how much longer I can hold on to the little faith I do have left!!!!!

  2. Your not alone

    I also deal with the Bipolar depression and all that comes with it. I feel I have let all my loved ones down and My Heavenly Father. It is hard to understand why we feel and go through what we do but I believe God has a reason and a plain for us. I know the Devil is the one who takes advantage of us at our weakest times. I pray that God gives us a sign and reason for what we go through and I Thank God for my husband that has been with me and through all that I have went through and put him through.

    God Bless and prayers for you. May Gods love and hands protect us.

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