Help from attacks and spiritual attack and devices of the devil

by Nick (893 Tavernier Cir)

Lord Jesus Christ and Father Almighty creator of heaven and earth and the Holy Spirit blessed holy trinity

Please forgive Nicholas Chadman and Kerri ann for all the things that we have done, we will give a more sincere a-pology. We beg for help mercy forgiveness and graces to get started to please our Father in heaven the Father Almighty creator of heaven and earth and Jesus Christ our Lord and saviour and the Holy Spirit as we have been extremely misguided lost controled by the mind lied to held for hostage were we can not go to the store church or anywhere without being surrounded by evil spirits and will not leave the house or stop mind controlling us and attack us with hate lies confusion false hope danger and acting as apostles mother mary and saints of heaven please help they have things in are hearts and minds and stomach and have caused injury to kerri Ann and threatened kids and will not leave in Jesus Christ’s name we are going back wards and our lives our being ruined and tortured with ticks energy medatation and torment we beg for the help of our Heavenly Father and our Family in heaven we have been extremely excited about having a calling from the Lord but now we are scared that we have been tricked into doing something wrong and we don’t know what has happened please let us experience the mercy and hope that we have been waiting for and please remove the evil ones that areHey sweetie are you able to bring me a 20

Hey sweetie are you able to bring me a 20

ruin the life of us. We are sorry for not loving you before like we should, however we can not wait to give the love back and please our God Father Son and Holy Spirit the Blest Holy Trinity our heavenly family. Please let us please you and glorify you as we are happy that we have been able to know our family in heaven loves us thank you for everything please help remove the evil ones and the tracking device and the other thing in our bodies

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