~Help for things to go better with people in the future ~ so I don’t get targeted.~

by Darla ()

Things are coming to light in these flats more and more to tell me it’s time I moved home again.~Don’t get me wrong I get on with most tenants here but there are things affecting me adversely from the Polish woman upstairs and an ex tenant,the man I liked who used to live opposite.It’s one thing for him to leave and for me not to have his company anymore and miss him every day,it’s another thing for her to still be seeing him but hiding the fact he is coming here,even when I asked another tenant when he looked to be here on April Fools day (I went out for the day I did not get April fooled.) ~ the other tenant said she hadn’t seen him around.The woman at the local Sainsbury who just served me patronised me again,she did that before.~ I don’t need to be patronised,manipulated or taken advantage of because of others inaccurate perceptions of me.Please help me to get out these flats Lord Jesus and protect me until I go against that nasty arrogant,selfish Polish woman.Amen.

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