Help for resolution and provision due to workplace harassment

Dear prayer warriors, due to unrelenting harassment of new boss of 4 mos., I have not been able to go back to my job of 5 years. A job with very good reviews. I was first diagnosed with acute stress disorder and then post traumatic stress disorders. I Love God and know that He is helping me through this.

My doctor recommends and I agree to not go back due to the yelling, finger in my face, threats to fire me, etc. This person has in her 4 months been able to strip one’s title – yet I believe her intent was to fire, next – forced another person to leave whom she yelled at to shut up, and then me. I ask God with my heart in prayer to bless her as I know this is the very best that could help her. I will need unemployment benefits to move on with my life and find the job God wants me. Please pray for those to come through as well.

Please Pray that wisdom and discernment be given through Christ on those who investigate this (should it go that way) needed for unemployment benefits as I was forced to leave my job. This has been very difficult.Thank you, in Jesus Name for your prayers.

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