Help For My Family

by Kenneth R Conley (North Port Fl. 34287)

Dear God and Jesus, Please help my family and myself, Please God and Jesus help us come into a great amount of money so that my Wife and I can get my Daughter and our Granddaughter get away from our Daughters Husband. He is a control freak that yells at the both of them and demands sex from our Daughter 2or3 times daily. We are not aloud to visit. We only see our Granddaughter 1to2 times a month and the when she goes home she gets drilled for information about what we said. He mocks us at his home in front of the both of them. They have to get away from him for good. Also to help our Son and His Wife they are having a baby on or around the 28th of October 2014. Let Her be a strong and healty Baby. And to help our Son with the finances for his new Business. I also Pray for my wife and I to get out of debt. And to get a house for us and one for my Daughter and our Granddaughter. Please God and Jesus help us with this, I love You God and Jesus with all my Heart and Soul For Ever and always did. I Pray in your Names, Amen

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