Help for my family/ sick child.

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We lost our beloved dog then my son started having nocturnal seizures. He went from none to 6-12 per night. Medication is somewhat helping but, is now causing him horrible nightmares. He is afraid to sleep due to them. They found a tumor on his brain that is causing the seizures. It may be because he was born 3.5 months early or from an infection. He has ear , nose , and throat/allergy problems as well. He is often angry and takes it out on me and his younger sibling. His type of epilepsy affects his attitude, emotions, behavior. He can be so sweet but also sneaky and calculating, mean at times. He is very smart and so caring , he worries about others and loves animals. His memory is also affected and he is struggling with reading. He is also dyslexic, and Hass ADHD and ODD. I pray he is happy and healthy. Thriving. We have no family and are about to be homeless. So any prayer is helpful and appreciated. . Thank you and God bless you.

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