Help for my daughter to pass business calculus class in college

by Erika (Levittown, Pa. USA)

Please pray for my daughter who is in college and taking bussines calculus which is a class that is required for her to take in order to become a psychologist, she wants to help others and that is why she has chosen this career path. Right now she is struggling to pass she needs to pass because we cannot afford to pay to retake the class again , she is stressed and has lost faith, we are struggling to pay for her college but God has always come through, please I beg you to pray for her so that she can pass, understand the math ,stay in college,finish college and most important gain her faith back on saint Jude, her novenas, and most important her prayers to God. Please remember her in your prayers, she is the first one in our family to go to college, thank you and God bless.