Help for Financial Assistance to clear all my debts

by Tilak Lawrence Charles (Bangalore, Karnataka, India)

Dear God,

I thank you for the blessing you have provided me till date. However, the financial crisis that my family and I are going through is too much for me to take and I am unable to manage and run my family with my salary.

Lord, request you to not look upon my sins and forgive me for all my mistakes and relieve me from all kinds of financial debts I am going through.

I have a debt of 60 lakhs and my land is not getting sold nor the court case is getting closed. Help Lord to come out of all my miseries and Bless us with your grace.

I know you will Bless my family and me. But request your assistance as it is very difficult to manage my life and there is no peace in my life due to this issue.

Thank you Lord.

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