Help for finances

by Dorothy (Lyndhurst, N.J.)

I am begging the Lord to please have mercy on me and my family and provide enouogh money to have a home and the finances to be able to afford to keep it. I made a huge mistake in my youth where I am now in a position that my retirement cannot sustain my monthly obligations and although I have a small part time job its only 2 hrs a day at minimum wage which I am quite greatful for but it doesn’t cover my expenses. I would like to have a place of my own where my grandchildren and children can visit and my son and grandaughter will have a place of their own to live and enough money to sustain me until I pass over. I am not asking to be rich just financially independent. Also I have two grandchildren who are autistic and I could use a car to visit and help my daughter and son out. I am not ungreatful for having a place to live but its so crowded and my grandaughter can’t have her own room its a 4 room apt with 4 adults living in it and my mother sleeps on a couch. I know God will answer but I need it to be soon as the tension is too much and we are fighting and not loving like we used to be. I am greatful for what I have but I would like to live now instead of just survive. I am 65 and its hard to get a job to pay all the debt. Please hurry Jesus and answer my prayer, I also beg St. Jude to intercede and I pray for anyone else who is in a bad financial position because living in fear and anxiety is very hard. Jesus please help all who are in need. Thank you