Help for a fair and just trial

by Denise (California)

Dear Saint Jude please help the judge come to a fair and just decision in my divorce case. There have been lies told about me which the judge has believed without any proof because I could not afford a lawyer . Every thing has been taken from me, my job , my income, my health, my financial means to care for my rescue animals and myself . My rent, my food, gasoline everything was taken. The business I started and relied on, put all of my savings, my heart and soul into was taken. I have one last chance for the judge to hear the truth and to reverse his unjust ruling and I am begging you for help. I am terrified that at 65 if the judge does not see the truth I will have no way to live much less take care of the people and animals who rely on me. Please intercede to our Heavenly Father for me in these matters and fortify my faith and hope by taking all of this into your hands.

Thank you so much for your prayers and your intercession to Jesus and our Father. I am eternally grateful.

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