Help finding what’s next

by Michelle (Florida)

Please God, in your Son’s Name Jesus I pray please help me hear your plan for me. what’s next? Where do you want me? Please God give me good work and a good income and the strength and courage to follow your call. I”m so tired God. Please give me stamina and energy, and lift the fear that I’m too old. I’ve worked so hard and I fear I just won’t make it.. whatever or wherever it is you want me. Please help me not miss your signs. Please God lift my state of lack so that I may share even more with others. God please give me clarity. I’m believing you are are creating a miracle for me as I type. I know a great job is coming in my path. I know the money will flow and I’ll get out of debt. I know it will all be ok. I love you. And I thank you for my beautiful life this far. Please hold me through this, the end of such a challenging 7 years. How can I put all these pieces together in service of you?

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