Help expose the truth in court

by Aliyah Sanguedolce ()

My boyfriends ex wife is up to no good. She refuses to take her name off the deed which is preventing my boyfriend from selling his families other property. He was going to use this money to pay off the car so we wouldn’t have to struggle to keep making these payments anymore. We cannot afford the car but the court isn’t seeing it that way. They just want to give her the car because they think that is whats fair and she keeps taking him back to court and abusing the system whenever he isnt physically able to make a payment. The bank wont work with him on this and he has tried numerous times to get them to drop the payments down, but they refuse to give him a break. She knows he will go to jail if he is taken back to court for a third time just for being unable to make payments with money we don’t have right now and she has stated before that she would force him to sell the house if the payments werent being made and she would use it as a rental property. Her and her current husband have more rental properties they already make enough money from, but she is greedy and selfish. She went as far as asking if i can get a job to help pay for the car even though it is not my obligation to do so. She knows if he went to jail that I can’t afford the house and the house would have to be sold, so she is doing everything in her power to try and destroy us. Please help my boyfriend Jay win his court case so he and I can have a break as we have enough to worry about without her trying to wreak havoc on our lives.

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