Help Charity

by Phil ()

I sent a recent request on this. There was something I didn’t think of. Me & Charity have been good friends 14y/’s, she loves me. She was with her baby dad from Nov.-Jan. He was abusive. We’ve talked & hanged out since Jan. till recently. From mid-May till 2 weeks ago we talked very frequently. If it weren’t for bad luck, we’d be dating. I made a minor mistake 2 weeks ago, & we haven’t talked since. That felt so weird, it’s a 180. Her mom kicked her out & she lives in an abused women’s shelter with her autistic son. She has new really bad influence friends there. I wondered, with the new friends’ influence, what could she be doing that caused the 180? The shelter’s downtown, where there’re prostitutes. I worried maybe her friends got her to stop liking me for that mistake, & instead being a prostitute. I checked a website for local prostitutes. I can’t be 100% sure, but this 1 lady with a hidden face who looked identical (body & features) to her with a different name. Her description had similarities to her too. The profile says she’s new. The photo’s included dates, the 1st 1 was Nov./20, which was when she got back with her baby dad. Even if that’s not her, I still suspect she might be doing this. I know her well, & it’s true she really is a good person who’s had a lot of bad luck & has been really depressed. She doesn’t deserve this. Prostitutes have high suicide #’s. If she’s gone, her son will be in dire straits. She needs a good man who respects her. Even if she’s a prostitute now, I still am willing to be him, she’s new to it. If wrong, the alternative is after I made that mistake, her friends convinced her to be slutty (not a prostitute) & forget about me. Pray that if she’s a prostitute, God finds a way to make her permanently stop being that really soon. Also pray that – whether she’s 1 or she’s just being slutty, pray the influence from these friends becomes completely diminished, & that she no longer is friends with them, or she no longer respects them or their influence.

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