Help bring me and my family back to prosparity and love for each other.

by Mark (St. Louis, MO)

Lord I come to you today, in pain, I need Your word to touch my life, I need You in my life today to guide my life, I am pray that you bring my lady and her heart. I pray for first of all Lord that You forgive me of all my sins and transgressions, and I pray that you put Your mercy and grace on all the Christians that are out there suffering. I know that I need to put You first in my heart and give You my all Lord, Guide me to be a better Christian, soften my ex’s heart, give her an understanding that I love her and that we can be better to each other, help me secure a good job, at we can build a better life together, help me be a better father to my son, and became a better man for my community.

I need You love Lord. I need you today, Father God, I do love You, it is all about You Lord, give me a better understing of life and my purpose in life. In these things I pray for Your gracious, help, through the Holy Spirit, to the son our Lord Jesus Christ and our Father God, I do pray today for a miracle, now, Lord I need a miracle from You today Lord, in Your son Jesus name. Amen……