Help with Anxiety, Fears

by Shelley (PA)

Please pray for me that I may feel God’s guidance and healing; I am overwhelmed with anxiety and full of fears about everything – being alone, finances, constant fears about what will happen with my job, aging, my beloved pets, being far from family, having no one. Please pray that I strengthen my faith to know God is here and not abandoning me, I am so anxious. Please pray for calm for me in all things, especially in my faith.

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  1. Catherine says:
    God will be there

    I live my whole life feeling guilty that my faith is so weak when I want it to be strong. I can say the Lord has always always blessed me in my darkest hour but still I find it so hard to trust when the next crisis comes along. The Lord will be there for you to take a deep breath and pass it all to him. May the Lord bless you infinitely.

  2. Leyla says:
    I will pray for you

    Dear lord,

    Please help Shelley find peace in her heart and send her your love to calm her and keep her protected and safe.amen

  3. Barb says:
    Praying for you

    What ever you pray for in thanksgiving to God the Father, it is done. He knows your heart and anguish. I pray that he gives you guidance on what to do to relieve your anxiety.
    I, too, recently had a bad bout with anxiety and lost 20 pounds. I prayed day and night and thanked Jesus for his mercy and goodness. He led me to my doctor… my prayerful friend led me to a therapist….Talking with my sister brought things into perspective. I praise him daily for leading me in the right path.
    Also, Just talking with a trusted friend or colleague can help. Call or Skype the family that is far away. Making connections can be very positive.
    I pray God helps you quickly.
    God Bless You!

  4. Lyn says:
    Under the care of the Good Shepherd

    Lord Jesus, thank you forr being our Good Shepherd and I pray that you will watch over Shelly. Thank you for defending and protecting Shelly when she feels helpess, and for providing for here when she is in need. I pray Lord you will lead Shelly with your Word and wisdom whenever she is in doubt. With you as our Sheperd, we don’t have to live a worried life of fear for our future. I believe You will cause us to walk in green pastures of provision and rest to always see Your goodness. In Jesus name I pray – Amen

  5. Sharon says:
    Three agree

    I pray for u also,I’ve been there aniexty, stress loneliness, just tell god all your trouble u will see as I did the lord will comfort u an provide exhale an watch for god blessing I did I claim it,u claim it too

  6. Sammy says:
    I pray for you

    I pray you feel the love and strenght of God and your doubts diminish to reveal a happy and fulfilling life without anxiety or doubt or worry. I pray you find the peace and love and serenity you seek. In Gods name so shall it be

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