help and thanks

St. Jude,

I still have some very scary moments in my life. I still worry and fret and get anxious. However, I know that I have the Lord to protect me. I truly believe that he lets us live our lives according to a plan that has meaning. I have so much hope since talking and praying to St. Jude. My life is less burdonsome and I really feel blessed. I want to show the light of the Lord to others.Thank you oh Lord for letting us keep this car while figuring out a way to pay for it. Lord, thank you for my husband’s new job and the experience and self confidence he is receiving. Thank you for this new life and the little reassuring kicks I feel. Lord, thank you for the ability to pay bills, buy groceries, and have a car. Thank you for my husband’s sobriety, this new start, and my new self esteem. I don’t know how to thank the Lord for all he has done for me. This year has gone from the depths of desolation to the beams of sweet hope. I am so thankful for St. Jude and I feel blessed to have someone to pray to when I am at my lowest. Lord, please let us be able to keep this car while we figure out how to pay for it. Please let us be fruitful both financially and physically. Lord, please protect this new life and let us be prosperous. Please let us be able to pay bills timely, have a car, and buy groceries. Lord, please let us receive full child support in the final order this week and let us prosper. Please let us meet all of our obligations and find a home quickly. In your name.


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