help and thanks


I felt as though I got a lot done today. I feel like I am working towards a goal and i have the Lord shining upon me. I feel so much hope and promise towards St. Jude and I feel hopeful that my life is improving, both spiritually and physically. Lord, thank you for letting us keep this car while figuring out a way to pay for it. Thank you for this new life and the kicks I feel. Thank you for my husband’s job and the new prospects he is encountering. Lord, thank you for the ability to pay bills, have a car, and buy groceries. Thank you for my husband’s sobriety, my family, and my self esteem. I get scared and anxious often and I really lay my lie in the Lord’s hands. I know with the Lord’s strength you can get through anything. I have such renewed hope now to get through the most difficult of times. Lord, please let us keep this car and figure a way to pay for it. Please let us be fruitful, both physically and financially. Lord, please protect this new life and let this pregnancy be healthy. Please let us be able to pay bills on time, have a car, and buy groceries. Lord, please let me receive full child support and be prosperous. Let us be current with all our financial obligations and let us find a home soon. In your name.