Help and Thanks

St. Jude,

Thank you for your miraculous intercession in my life. Today had some challenges, but a lot of successes well, thanks to your assistance. I feel that when I let my heart trust in the Lord that I am calmer and have a more positive outlook on life. I am so thankful to have this extra money for the electricity. I havent felt blessed with money for a while and I am quite thankful. Thank you oh Lord for letting us keep our car while figuring out what to do. Thank you for my husband’ sjob and the self esteem and experience he receives. Thank you for our ability to pay bills, have transportation, and buy groceries. Thank you for my new spine and growing self respect. Thank you oh Lord for my amazing husband and kind kids. I truly want to live my life according to the Lord’s plan and have seem amazing things happen since I have been trusting in the Lord. Please, oh Lord let us be able to keep our transportation and figure a way to pay off our car. Please let us be fruitful, both financially and physically. Please protect his new life and let us prosper. Please Lord let us be able to pay bills, have transportation and buy groceries. Please let us get child support and be financially prosperous. In your name.


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