help and thanks

St Jude,

Thank you for the miraculous intercession that you have made in our lives. St. Jude has given me so much to hope for. Even when I feel that I am at my most dismal, the Lord is guiding me to where i need to be. I have maintained that trust in the Lord and I am so thankful for all of my blessings and the joy that I have thanks to St Jude bringing me closer to the Lord. Thank you oh Lord for baby Quinn and all of the hope and joy he has brought into our lives. Thank you for his safety. Thanks for my husband’s job and the experience, opportunity, and self esteem boost that he is receiving. Lord, thank you for the tax refund, the child support, and food stamps. i feel so blessed and more stable. Thank you for the ability to pay bills, buy groceries, and have a car. Lord, thanks for the new start, my husband’s sobriety, my family, ability to be a stay at home mom, and my better self esteem. I do struggle with the darkness at times, but thanks to the Lord I do not give in. i want to live my life as to glorify him. I want the world to know of St. Jude’s miraculous workings and what an amazing life changing influence he has had in my life. Oh Lord, please let us be fruitful, both financially and physically. Please let us receive the tax refund offset, full child support, and food stamps. Lord, please let us be able to pay our bills timely, have a working car, and buy groceries. Please let us be able to meet all of our obligations, let me be a stay at home mom, and let us find a close by and affordable home soon. In your name.


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