Help and Thanks in scary times

St. Jude,

Thank you for your continued intercession in my life. This weekend has been very stressful and I apolygize for not praying in devotion as much as I should have. Thanks to your intercession and to the Lord’s mercy, I have developed more self confidence than I have ever had. However, it also puts me in the position of having to challenge people and feel the type of confrontation that is inevitable. Thank you oh Lord in not abandoning me in a situation where I feel so alone and inconsolable. I feel a strength that I am so thankful abides by me and doesn’t drive me to want to do stupid things. Thank you oh Lord for my husband’s job and the self esteem and experience that it is giving him. Thank you for letting me keep this car while we figure out how to fix to situation. Lord, thank you for this new life and the promise it brings. Thank you for this new start and the chance to start over. Lord, thank you for the ability to pay bills, buy groceries, and have transportation. Thank you for my confidence, my husband, and my children. I have so much pain Lord, but I know that you love me. Please oh Lord, let us keep this car until we figure out how to pay for it. Please let us be fruitful both financially and physically. Please protect this new life and let us prosper. Please let us be able to pay bills, buy groceries and have transportation. Oh Lord, please let me obtain child support and be successful at court. Please let us be financially prosperous. Thank you so much for my life and I hope I can find myself to lead the life you want for me. In your name.


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