help and thanks in a stressful week

St. Jude,

Thank you for your miraculous intercession in my life, especially this week. I still can feel an underlying nervousness and dread. However, I know that the Lord guides and keeps me and whatever happens is absolutely meant to be. Thank you oh Lord for letting us keep the car while we figure out how to pay for it. Thank you for my husband’s job and the self confidence and experience that it gives him. Lord, thank you for this new life and the promise it brings. Thank you for the ability to buy groceries, have transportation, and pay bills. Thank you for my new found spine and extra money this week. I do have some extra challenges and I am worried about court as well as the doctor. However, I hope and pray that the best outcome possible comes for my children. I have hope that things will be positive thanks to St. Jude. Lord, please let us keep this car and find a way to safely pay for it. Please let us be fruitful, both financially and physically.Lord, please protect this new life and let me not have gestational diabetes. Please let us be able to pay bills, have our car, and buy groceries. Lord, please let me prevail at court on all of my points and let us prosper. Please let us be more financially successful. In your name.


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