help and thanks in a stressful week

St. Jude,

I am so thankful for your miraculous influence in my life. There has been so much darkness surrounding us. I feel the light of the Lord in my life however. I feel protected and I feel the hope that St. Jude has given to me. It has been a hard road so far but I am open to what the Lord is leading me towards. Thank you oh Lord for this visit and all of the gifts and blessings bestowed upon us. Thank you for our ability to keep our car while we figure a way to pay it off. Lord, thanks for my husband’s job and the experience and self esteem that he has received. Thank you for this new life and the reassuring kicks that I can feel. Lord, thank you for the ability to pay our bills, keep our transportation, and get groceries. Thank you oh Lord for my spine and my family. I am thankful Lord that you listen to my prayers. Please, oh Lord let us keep this car and find a way to pay it off. Lord, let us be fruitful, both financially and physically. Please protect this new life, let me not have gestational diabetes, and let us prosper. Lord, please let us be able to buy groceries, have transportation, and pay bills. Please let the court rule in my favor for my requests. Lord, please let us get child support and let us be financially prosperous. In your name.