Help and salvation and binge eating and drunkenness and Torah

by K ()

My ex boyfriend is a Jew and he won’t speak to me now as I am a Christian. He just used me for sexual encounters on phone and in person in a hotel and for three years leading up. Now he has 10-15 women on the go, a sex addiction, cigar smoking, binge eating, drinking a lot night and day and he doesn’t exercise at all. He eats unhealthy and is fat. He will die soon and he is 54. He needs help and my heart is broken. I want to marry him but he is married with kids and belongs to 770 Jews and Kabbalah. I’m in trouble. I’m in love with him and he hates me and my heart is broken. He stole my money- $50,000 and keeps praying for me to give him another $20,000 and another $20,000 and he won’t help me at all with money or life or finding accomodation when he has a house to live in and friends and a spare room. I’m devastated. I’m 41.

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