Help and protect me from false allegations, Lord

by Jane (Valdosta, GA USA)

Dear Lord please pour your blessings and protection over me in this time of trouble. I give you my life and love you more than my life. Let this evil pass today and forgive those that seek to harm me. Please command them to speak the truth and accept their responsibility for their behavior.

Please bless me with strength and courage as I go to serve you today. Please bless my family with your blessings and protection. Please bless my life so that I may serve you as an humanitarian as I know that is my calling. I have been a faithful servant but not perfect. I need you help in all that I do. I know Lord you mean your promises.

Please dear Lord drive Satan out of my workplace today.
Thank you Dear Lord for saving me and blessing my life to serve others. Let them see you though me today. Please forgive me of short comings.

Thank you My Father in heaven that your financial blessings have come now to allow me to serve a hurting world and to start a church for the ones who have been rejected by the misinterpretation of your word.
Thank you Father in heaven for hearing my prayers and answering me. Amen

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