help and big thanks

St Jude,

Thank you for the miraculous and amazing intercession that you have made in our lives. Receiving the offset was a miracle and perfect timing. I feel so blessed and so humbled by the Lord’s graciousness. I am so overcome with joy and gratitude over St. Jude’s miracle working in my life. The Lord is good and I want to offer all my life to him. Thank you for this joyous period in my life. Life is still hard at times, but despair is non-existent with St.Jude’s intercession and the Lord’s guidance. Thank you oh Lord for the tax refund offset and for the home. There is so much joy in security and I feel so blessed and excited to have security. It is truly miraculous and has filled my life with hope. Thank you for my husband’s job, the experience, opportunity, and self esteem boost that he is receiving. Lord, thank you for the tax refund, child support, and food stamps. Thank you for the ability to pay bill, have a car, and buy groceries Lord, thank you for Quinn and the safe and healthy delivery. Thanks for the new start, my husband’s sobriety, my family, ability to be a stay at home mom, and my better self esteem. I know I have said that a year ago, my life was so much in despair and it is true. I had so much fear and depression and my life was in a fog. Everything that could go wrong did. St. Jude and prayer pulled me out of the darkness and has led me to the light. The Lord is ever present in my life and has made so many miraculous changes. I am touched and in awe and I want to live up to the goodness that he has bestowed upon me. Lord, please let us be fruitful both financially and physically. Please let us receive child support, food stamps, and electricity assistance. Lord, please let us not bounce the deposit check and let the offset be deposited tomorrow. I do not want to lose our home and humbly beg your assistance. Lord, please let us pay our bills timely, have a working car, and buy groceries. Please let us meet all our of obligations, have a stressfree move, and let me be a stay at home mom. In your name and full of praise for your glory.


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