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I moved to a new town with my wife. She started having mental illness about 2 years ago. After moving here she quit taking her medicine and I couldn’t get any help. She constantly accused me of cheating on her with every woman I would talk to. (I have always been faithful) and ways she went back to the town we moved from where her mom lives and started trouble with her brother and sister in law. They asked her to leave. She refused so she got arrested. She has been there for 6 months with no word. No one will tell me anything about her or her case. I’ve called and tried to tell them she has illusions. Me starting a new job is keeping me from going up there to find out. Since I have been here nothing has went right but I prayed and prayed about God to send me where he wanted me. I’m a very strong person but this is getting to me. I don’t know what to do. I keep praying for my wife’s healing. We were so good together. Now it’s like I’m a demon when she is around me. I don’t know what to do. We have 2 small dogs and when I’m not working I’m here with them ex specially since Covid has been going on. I get so lonely with her gone. I know God. Is with me but how much longer must I wait? I’m stuck somewhere that I don’t know anyone. I’m a manager so hanging out with the people I work with is not an option. Please pray for my wife. My peace of mind and the loneliness. Thank you and God bless

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