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Please pray for my neighbor to come to Jesus, and my boyfriend who I had a baby with and he is not a father figure that is nice. He is not mean but he is never there. The baby is 20 months old and he hasn’t washed one bottle or given him a bath. To get him to change a diaper is just not worth the fight. He can run away each day now leaving me to work my job from home since the lockdown, while spending half of my paycheck at the gas station. It’s so ridiculous the neighbor I have (we live in a house turned into a duplex and she is right above me and she SLAMS around ALL DAY and ALL NIGHT…. ) had a drive by shooting due to people being inside her home and drama I don’t know about and someone got shot that was then asked to not be brought back over here and they were brought back plenty of times. I prayed and prayed. It’s absolutely terrifying. This morning I have a truck from Maryland backed up to my front door and some random people pulled up our of her car. I get up at 345 am for work and I work until 3 or 4 in the afternoon and it’s so hard, please pray for peace in this home. I am scared to do laundry in our shared duplex. They live upstairs and I am so scared theres gang affiliation. She harrasses me to no end. Last time I asked her to please quiet down (After 11:30…) I got a text from a random number every 20 minutes until the time I told her I got up for work… It’s gone too far to where my own children are scared to go outside. I am scared to leave my house for one minute, that they could be in here or plant drugs or only God knows what they are capable of….. I need all the prayers I can get ,please, for the safety of us from whatever group they are. Im sorry to babble on. I need strength and only prayer warriors can help me. Please pray that I can free up some of my minds time and become a prayer warrior to help you guys out too. Thank you so much and God bless everyone who has read this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish you and your family the best during these times!

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