by Joanna Jessup ()

I have been saved since age 9. Have always tithed. Went through death of only child and divorce. I have faith and obey but my entire life has been tragedy and struggle. Others in my family have riches and perfect marriages. I am tired of trusting and obeying a God that throws me under the bus. I have 2 college degrees and am forced to work as a part time security guard. My family thinks I am a loser. I am alone, have disabilities and trying to live on 15k a year. I fasted and prayed for months before moving here. Felt this was what God wanted. I have even experienced rejection at churches. I went to high school in N.C. and my dad’s entire family here but I got called an outsider. I have no food for a week at a time. I got hit by an illegal alien with no drivers license. Putting me in debt to buy another car 2008 model and medical bills. The money that used to pay bills goes for car payment.I am in debt for medical bills, car and the IRS wants money. I was unemployed almost 3 years when recession hit. My employer takes all my money for taxes, medical, dental, vision, life insurance. Social services refuses to help me. I am considering ending my life. I lost my retirement, savings, family and friends.After 42 years of hard work I have nothing. God promises if I tithe he will provide. If that were true so many Christians would not be hurting.

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