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I have been going through the most difficult time the past 6 months. It’s overwhelming. Anguish of the soul. Too much for anyone to bear. So unbearable that at first I just wanted to die but being a Christian and prayers, I’ve been fighting it and holding on. Been going through this court case. At the last court hearing the magistrate should have dismissed the case based on her report but she refuses to do so. Keep asking the prosecutor for a report or to appeal her ruling. She has adjourning the case pending a report or further action from the DPP. My lawyer has been asking to discharge me but she keeps saying she needs to get the report. This is strange and unbelievable. Very frustrating and taking a toll on me. Even my lawyer finds it’s unfair and unlawful. My future cannot be in the hands of unjust people. This is unjust and unfair. I need her to dismiss the case and let me go. We have court coming up,pray that at that hearing, she dismisses the case and set me free. Her ruling determines my future. Been suspended since March from my teaching job of over 30 years. I need to be clear of all charges so I can get my pension and gratuity that rightfully belong to me. There’s this officer and the DPP that are after me, it’s like something personal, they’ve said they’ll make an example of me, even though this is a set up to make me lose my pension and gratuity. It’s like they’re trying to get me to pay for every wrongdoing others in the system have done. Their charges for allegations of over 18 to 20 years ago. This is unjust and I don’t believe that Jehovah God will ever support this injustice against His child. So much hatred, so much injustice. I need these charges dropped, the case dismissed and that I can go back to work and get my full pension and gratuity and that this magistrate, police officers and DPP will give me a break and leave me alone once and for all. I really need this Court Case over and done with me getting the case dismissed and my life back. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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