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Very nauseas and sick. Can’t sleep. 2:22am. I may lose both of my breasts in a mastectomy. I really hate my name and don’t know what to change it to. I have leukaemia. My face and hands are really burnt from the sun and laser machine and are all scarred with brown spots. I’m so embarrassed. I’m so itchy in my bed and flat. I feel like I’m going to die soon and that I have a curse on me. I lost all my money and don’t have any financial stability. I don’t have kids. I might die soon. My feet, calves, hips and lower back hurt so much. I also have breast and uterine cancer and lumps that hurt so much. I wanted to get married but no one ever liked me. I feel nauseas and dizzy. Maybe it’s sunstroke. I really need a gym membership. Thanks. I also have ADHD. I feel very sick and nauseas like vomiting. Please expose which of my friends are my enemy and I should block them, I need new good friends

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