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I’m so torn up right now. I’m truly being attacked my enemies aren’t just gossiping but they are attacking my finances and my sanity. I have children that I support in every way by myself. From their medical care, to their food, clothes, living expenses, love, spirituality, education and development. And during COVID I became unemployed and I had to use my savings to take care of my children. I tried to support them by starting a e-commerce business and ultimately through Christ I was offered another job. But my enemies have been trying to spread strife for me. People have lied on my name, violated my privacy, stolen from me and continue to wish death, poverty, pain and evil on means my children. And I swear that there is no justification for any of it. I swear. Please pray for me and my children. My ex husband and his family are responsible for most of the harassment and they do absolutely nothing for my girls and I. Please pray for us. I had something truly evil happen today when I went to complete a I9 verification for my new job. Although I had everything the person gave me the runaround. I want this job to be a clean slate I’m tired of the unjustified evil surrounding my finances. I’m not a criminal, I’m not an adulterous, I’ve never harmed anyone.. I tired of my ex husband and my enemies. It’s been 8 years since the harassment has begun and I need someone to pray that god destroys my enemies and doesn’t allow my blessings to be blocked. Please pray for my family.

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