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My prayer request is to get out of the overall abuse and illness in my current life Jesus name. I also pray for an escape, including financially one in Jesus name. I pray to do my part to get out of abuse and illness in Jesus name. Thinking I’m not a Christian anymore, my relationship with Jesus is horrible, whacky, and weird. I pray to know what to do overall beside is quitting. Because, I think Jesus as OFF as a starter in my opinion with fully-developed brain NOW including with his doctrine. Who I suppose to as perceive him as perfect. Even though, my biggest enemy by nature is myself and my real enemy is Satan. I pray for spiritual help in Jesus name. Who STRONGLY dislike Jesus as a PARTIAL JEW! While being abused by my ill Gentile single mother, including with, Christianity! Out of her WOMAN-NESS! Who just wants to be A. WOMAN. At the end of the day, and badly! Who is an ill middle-age bias bimbo whore, who I cannot stand! I pray for HELP! Because she is evil and abusive, NOW! I don’t know what to do about it, while my mother gotten mentally ill ever since last year, which I know it now. Did said something about it. But, no one in HER FAMILY notices it or listen to me about it. You see the illness in her eyes! Because, her family are OFF! Including my only sibling, we’re 2 years apart, and I’m 26! Even all of my mother’s siblings are OFF with middle-age! I pray that they would see it and something be done with my mother’s illnesses. I think that I permanently damaged my relationship with Jesus Christ. I pray for redemption for it in Jesus name and pray to do my part to redeem myself including my salvation with Jesus. And, confused with my relationship with Jesus and my salvation and what THE HECK he wants from me. Not be dependent on my mother including FINANCIALLY anymore In Jesus name, God wanted it FOR ME before, over writing my Christian book (for God’s Will) for 5-6 years in the midst of school half of those years, now it became ABUSIVE, thinking Jesus is my abuser as well, partly because of this! Lastly, I pray to keep my heart right and pure with God, who I suppose to be a surrender believer and I pray for some kind of independency (at least) for my life. Because I need it in Jesus name.

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