by Nicolette ()

Today I had mite eggs or mite faeces on my body. I’ve been picking them off. They are so itchy and they sting. The Gp’s I see in NZ are useless. The last one said it was air bacteria, most of them, hundreds of them will come out of my skin when I put cream and oil on it. I need them gone they are tormenting me.

Also I’m more than 216 dollars a week in deficit and Winz wont help. They declined the TAS. What’s even worse is some spook dobbed me into Winz saying I was working, selling on trade me, having sex with heaps of guys for money, getting money from my daughters father to help pay for her, etcetera. None of it is true. I need more money from Winz and I need fisher funds kiwi saver hardship money to be approved and I need my acc money to come in and I need my inheritance money to come in to. Please also pray that I sleep well. Thank You

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