by Curtis ()

Please pray for me I’m really not doing good ever I was threatened by some guy that wanted to beat me up when I was sick I can’t even sleep at home and I’m worried about my life please take me seriously and help me to get into a safe place with good neighbors and a decent life. I’ve had it bextremly bad for 41 God helped me in a very big way it felt like I had my life and soul back from being very abused as a kid and during my life of problems but then someone tried to come and basically steal my life and soul from me again . I’m so sorry to ask you to pray again but it’s been so long I’ve been hurting all the time I don’t want to go back to being abused at all or hurt in any way I need some real love spoken over my life and really good things from very good places I don’t like asking you to pray but I’m scared to death almost to go back to being broken in any way I need real love I think and real care and concern because nobody has done those things for me my family doesn’t really care and I don’t matter to anybody these people just keep throwing my life around like garbage and i need help. Please take me seriously and help me I need all the help I can get and thank you very much I know I’ll find what I need or I believe I will because there all very good obideant kind loving people.
Thank you so much I’m so worried every single day have a good day please pray I’ll be release from this garbage and never hurt again in my life.

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