I would like prayer to receive a release of an overflow of blessings and miracles

by Sharnice (GA)

I would like prayer to receive a release of an overflow of blessings and miracles. I have a desire to go back to school but there are many many obstacles and strongholds that stand in my way. I have been very sick for a while, losing my memory and not well enough to attend school and focus. I am not smart enough and been out of school for such a long time. I owe the IRS money from previous courses I failed to complete. I am very poor so it makes it difficult to pay off my debt. I make very little money it is difficult to even work right now I was denied disability so I am doing what I have to by the grace of God. The IRS debt collectors call me almost every single day to pay them I really can not afford to at this time and I am stressed out. Please pray that God will set me free.

I am very ill and I need a miacle. Everytime I pray I get very weak, heavy and tired like there is a force draining and pulling me of my energy. I need a miracle because I do not feel blessed or very good after and when I pray to God in the name of Jesus. I don’t understand or know what to do. Should I give up on praying? Does God no longer want a relationship with me???I need a miracle because I feel very fustrated, confused lost and helpless. Does this mean God doesn’t love me anymore? I don’t know because when I pray I only feel sicker. I would liketi remain anonymous if posted. Thank you.