Heavy heart of sorrow

My heart is heavy, Lord. I have no more tears to shed. I feel weak, down and out. Please give me the strength and courage to face these difficult days — my husband is still waiting for news about a job that he signed up for last November 2011 and up to now, there has been very little progress with that. It has been 2 months since he last received a paycheck and our funds are close to nothing. I have 3 kids to support and their tuition fees aren’t even fully paid yet. One child needs medical attention for a special condition and he needs to see a specialist and have more tests. He is also failing in school and I do not know how else to motivate him to do better. I have given all the help I can give. I have a job but my salary isn’t enough for all our needs. I haven’t been taking good care of myself due to all the things I need to do so I don’t eat well or have good nights rest because of worry and anxiety and fear. I have a breast mass that is benign according to my last sonogram but i.m worried that all this anxiety will make it turn for the worse. We have credit card debts and other payables that have to be settled soon, but I do not know how we will manage given the situation. I am in such a rut and have not stopped praying.i need help. I already begged for the Lord’s mercy in front of our altar this evening and I have implored for Mama Mary’s intercession. Please, if you are reading this, PRAY FOR ME. I NEED HELP, LORD. LORD, PLEASE HELP ME.

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