Heavenly Gracious Father, I come to your feet for your mercy

by Jahnvi (India)

Heavenly Gracious Father,

I come to your feet for your mercy.Lord my mother has never paid attention to your will before owing money from anyone.she has taken another loan to repay the one owed before.But Lord , she has done that only with an intention to survive in the society.If at all we dont pay their interests, they will drag us onto roads.As you know and aware of everything Lord, we have entered this debts becasue of surety given to my uncle 7 years ago.Lord , I dont have my father and i have been crying for your mercy that you will wash away all my sins in your precious blood you shed for me on the calvary cross and forgive me and my mom and deliver us from this huge debts which are really huge for us.But father Lord, there is nothing too big for you and there is nothing impossible for you.Its really very hard to bear this burden anymore Lord.please please have mercy on us Lord.Our fianciers are ready to put us to shame and are are waiting for our lives to be taken.Lord please interfere and give us a break through from this sitiation and relieve us from these debts in your way Lord.Please dont let people put us to shame.Please accept my prayers and I thank you for every mercy you poured on us till now.In Jesus precious name I pray. Amen